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Airport Pickup Tips for International Travelers

Hiring Sarasota airport transportation is a great way to simplify travel to and from the airport. All you have to do is make the phone call and let them know when you’ll be arriving or needing to be picked up. When it comes to traveling internationally, however, there are a few more things that you need to take into consideration. Here are some things that you can do beforehand to ensure that your airport pickup will go as smoothly as possible.

Research the Airport

If you’re traveling to an airport that you’ve never been to before, take a second to peruse a map of it. Make sure that you know the path that you’ll need to take in order to locate your bags and find the driver. Learn about the customs process so you’ll know how long it’ll take to get from the airplane to the car.

Know the Guidelines

You never know when your plane will be delayed or arrive early. With international travel, it can be even harder to know what to expect. Will you get stuck in customs? Will it take a while to exit the plane? If there are any holdups, make sure that the transportation service are aware of them. Will they track your plane? Can you contact them? Know what their guidelines are, so you can be assured that someone will be waiting for you.

Determine the Price

One of the best advantages to choosing a limousine service over a taxi for airport pickup is that the price is set. Find out what the price is that you’ll be expected to pay. In America, it’s commonplace to tip your driver. If you’re traveling internationally, consider adding a small amount to the cost in to show your appreciation for great service, assistance with bags, and more.

International travel is difficult. Most people struggle with jetlag and want to get back to their hotels or homes as soon as possible. Hiring limo transportation to pick you up can make things easier, but you need to know what to expect to facilitate the process.